Pinhead Gunpowder at Gilman Street

February 11, 2008

“One request: ditch the cell phones and digital cameras. If they weren’t here, fuck ‘em.” Apparently something happened tonight called the Grammy Awards, a bloated, self-congratulatory clusterfuck which, as a music journalist, I should probably attempt to care about. But even if for some sadomasochistic reason or another I followed the Grammys like a hawk, […]

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Vampire Weekend Live at Amoeba

February 4, 2008

I walked into Amoeba a full hour before Vampire Weekend’s scheduled set on Friday night, only to see the first two aisles in front of the stage already filled with diehards waiting for their chance to watch, up close and personal, one of the suavest new bands of 2008. The indie rock cognoscenti have been […]

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The January Awards

January 31, 2008

Best Lyrics: Magnetic Fields – Distortion The album title, Distortion, refers to the Psychocandy-esque fuzz that permeates every song on this album—making it sound drearier and more hungover than anything you’d expect from Magnetic Fields. But holy bejeezus, the lyrics are a goddamn hoot. Some reviews of the album have actually complained about the lyrics […]

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Anywhere She Lays Her Head

January 30, 2008

Between possibly getting engaged, starring in movies that aren’t as good as Ghost World, getting hot and steamy with Justin Timberlake, and acting as a modern-day Betty Grable visiting the troops in Kuwait, it’d seem that Scarlett Johansson’s dance card is totally full. But in news that pretty much has the entire world’s panties in […]

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Teenagers In Other Countries Did Acid Too

January 27, 2008

Prevailing trends in World Music compilations are funny things. After Paul Simon’s Graceland, the record market was flooded with South African compilations; after Buena Vista Social Club came the glut of Cuban compilations; and between U2, Enya, Riverdance, Loreena McKennitt, Sinead O’Connor and Titanic, the ‘90s had a good ten-year run of hot-selling, yawn-inducing Irish […]

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Lila vs. Kells at the Roll Call

January 26, 2008

It was a hella enjoyable night last week at Kate & Coalmine’s Roll Call, thanks largely in part to the very funny and ultimately surreal set played by Lila Cugini (seen here getting clubbed by, uh… a sadomasochistic police officer?). The Roll Call, a recurring feature on Wednesday nights at the Toad in the Hole […]

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Whither Thou City Sound Inertia?

January 24, 2008

Why is this blog called City Sound Inertia? I’m destined to be asked this question sooner or later, so I may as well answer it in my first-ever blog posting. In 2003, I put together a compilation CD of local Santa Rosa bands who, due to a variety of reasons (lack of press coverage, the […]

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