“I’m Warning You With Peace and Love”

Posted by: on Oct 14, 2008 | Comments (3)

So Ringo won’t sign autographs. Can there honestly be an unmanageable demand?

It’s hard to imagine John Lennon ever making a video like this.

Rapping Muppets, Cont’d

Posted by: on Aug 20, 2008 | Comments (2)

When Jim Henson and Frank Oz decided to write a Bert & Ernie skit with drums, or with a disco ball, or with horns, or dancing, how could they have possibly predicted that technology would someday allow for advances like this?

Scarlett Johansson Takes Our Advice

Posted by: on May 21, 2008 | Comments (2)

I know we all weighed in on the mostly forgettable Scarlett Johansson album in last week’s Bohemian, but I never expected she’d read the reviews, consider our rapier criticism, and tighten up her act. But lo, here it is, Johansson performing “live” (yeah right) and though it’s still kinda like, whatever, it’s way better and more passionate than the cruddy record. Gone are the excessive vocal effects and the washed-out production, and she seems like she actually cares about the song. Why didn’t she just do this in the first place?