Phil Lesh is Battling Cancer

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Photo by Stuart Levine

Grateful Dead founding member and Terrapin Crossroads owner Phil Lesh announced late last week that he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.

Lesh made the announcement on the Terrapin Crossroads website, stating he was diagnosed early in October and that he has spent the last several weeks being treated at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Fortunately, Lesh indicates that the tumors in his bladder were not aggressive and that recent surgery to remove the cancerous tissue has been so far successful. From the venue’s website, Lesh writes:

I am very fortunate to have the pathology reports show that the tumors are all non aggressive, and that there is no indication that they have spread.

So thanks to my local doctor Cliff Sewell, and the incredible team at the Mayo Clinic, all is well and I can return to normal activities in two weeks from my surgery.

Obviously, this prognosis is encouraging news, though Lesh will have to cancel his two upcoming shows with Chris Robinson, originally scheduled for Oct 24 and 25 at Terrapin Crossroads. More info and the complete statement from Lesh can be found here.

Our thoughts are with Lesh and his family, Get well, Phil!

A Jazz Outlaw Appears in San Rafael

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Erik Deutsch

Brooklyn pianist and songwriter Erik Deutsch has long been called on by the most prolific entertainers in music, from Norah Jones to Shooter Jennings, to tickle the ivories on tours with them. When he’s not on stage as a hired gun, this outlaw musician makes his own brand of experimental modern jazz as a solo performer and bandleader.

This year, Deutsch unleashed his latest album, Outlaw Jazz, to wide acclaim. Melding psychedelic soul and rough-and-tumble country rock, the record was funded through a wildly successful Kickstarter fund that allowed Deutsch to assemble a dream team of musicians to accompany him, including Tony Mason (drums), Jeff Hill (bass), Jon Gray (trumpet), and Avi Bortnick (guitar) among others.

This week, Erik Deutsch & the Jazz Outlaws come to the North Bay for a special appearance on Thursday, July 9, at Terrapin Crossroads. 100 Yacht Club Dr, San Rafael. 8pm. $15. 415.524.2773.

Photos: Phil Lesh with Yonder Mountain String Band at Terrapin Crossroads

Photos: Phil Lesh with Yonder Mountain String Band at Terrapin Crossroads

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Phil Lesh’s new venue Terrapin Crossroads has been the buzz of San Rafael since its grand opening last month. Below, click the image to view a slideshow of photos from his guest appearance with Yonder Mountain String Band on Aug. 4, 2012.

Photos by Jamie Soja.


The Marin Center Is In Dr. Dre’s New Video

The Marin Center Is In Dr. Dre’s New Video

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Dr. Dre’s new song might be terrible, but what’s that in the video at about 2:18?

Anyone who lives in the North Bay would recognize it—the Marin Center, right off Highway 101 in San Rafael.

I doubt that when Frank Lloyd Wright designed the building, he ever imagined it’d be used to depict a secret laboratory where a deathbed 46-year-old hip-hop icon from N.W.A. is brought back to life by a lot of incessant rapping by Eminem.

If you watch the whole thing, beware: the obsequious and very long “guest appearance” of Eminem actually takes up most of the song. Also, product placement is rampant—Ferrari, iPad, Hewlett-Packard, Gatorade, and HP’s Envy 15 laptop with Dr. Dre’s own “Beats” logo.

Nevertheless . . . it’s the Marin Center! Next time you get dragged there to pay a speeding ticket or to see the Peking Acrobats, at least you can pass the time thinking of this very tiny cameo amidst hip-hop royalty.

Watch it if you dare:

On the Stereo: Many Thoughts, One Myc

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I write this week about the new hip-hop compilation released by teenagers in San Rafael, Many Thoughts, One Myc, which is as pure a representation as possible of what kids are thinking, hoping, wishing for, copying, creating, decrying and delineating in Marin County. Not everyone wants to grow up to drive their PT Cruiser to yoga class, it turns out. Even intellaFLOW’s track “GoodLife”—he’s the focus of the article—puts a realistic bent on what defines success: “A little bit material,” he raps, “and a little bit spiritual.”

I wasn’t able to talk up the rest of the CD in the paper’s limited space, but Many Thoughts, One Myc reflects a post-Hyphy Bay Area, where stunna shades might be dead but the beat goes on. Consider it a gas, brake, and dip—with a left turn added. Characteristic of the album is Bay S.L.A.M.’s “We From the Bay,” which preaches unity among all races, and H-Block’s piano-driven scraper anthem “Fast and Furious,” which makes me wish I didn’t drive a clunky 1989 Ford van.

Two tracks in particular stick out: the dark instrumental “Flatline’s Slap,” by quiet, 15-year-old producer Flatline. He loops a didgeridoo sound over perfectly synched bass and drums, and when the hi-hats come in, it kills. The flipside is “Taste My Rainbow,” an incredible spoken-word piece from Chinita, which stresses maintaining mentality, showing confidence and staying true to oneself in the face of haters. I’m not sure the BPMs match up, but the two are begging to be mixed together.

Many Thoughts, One Myc can be ordered here.

Open House at The MYC

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Halfway through “Swagga Like Us,” Torman Jahi hopped on stage at the MYC, got the people on their feet, and then passed the mic one by one to a group of young rappers for a full-on all-ages posse cut. Some of ‘em killed it, some of ‘em rapped the alphabet, and some essentially trainwrecked, but all of ‘em got cheered. Come to think of it, the guy who trainwrecked got cheered the loudest.

This is the philosophy of the MYC, or Marin Youth Center, in San Rafael. Everyone gets a shot, and everyone gets support no matter what. This would be laudable enough by teen center standards, but there’s the extra added benefit that the shit happening at the MYC is actually completely cool. Forget cookies and punch; over the last two years, they’ve been hosting jazz groups, school-of-rock band camps, hip-hop sessions, recording workshops, acapella groups, art programs, breakdance troupes, cooking classes and far, far more.

On Friday night, the MYC opened the doors in downtown San Rafael and invited the public for an open house. It’s got that Emeryville loft thing goin’ on, with exposed rafters and ducts in the main performance room. Elsewhere, the walls boast posters of Malcolm X, bulletin boards warning of the dangers of smoking, a framed certificate for the current champion of the pool table, and tons of photos chronicling the varied activity that takes place here. It’s a new building, with a tinge of the municipal. That feel will surely and eventually lose out to the very communal and cutting-edge spirit of the place.

The band, from the Oakland School of the Arts, was ruling it. Three female singers with stellar pipes, all still in high school. Three guys on bass, drums and keys, layin’ it down on covers of “American Boy” and “Crazy in Love.” To close the night, ‘Til Dawn, an acapella group who rehearses at the MYC, took the stage. They sang “Tell Me Something Good,” “Steal My Kisses” and “Something to Talk About”—and were great. As I left my too-brief visit, kids with cameras ran back to the high-tech studio to edit their video footage while visitors and young staff were clustered around a pool game, dancing and singing “Ms. Jackson.”

I know it must be a common reaction, but where was this place when I was a kid?

More photos below.

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