Be ‘That Guy’ with Bon Jovi Tonight

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Did you miss Bon Jovi’s sold-out, 12-night stand at London’s O2? Inaugural multi-night stint at Meadowlands Stadium? What about the big shows at Madison Square Garden? And you really wanted to see that Times Square broadcast with a live Q&A session tonight? Well, you’re in luck! Bon Jovi: Inside Out is showing the best of all of those concerts at two theaters tonight only in Marin County at 8pm!

Of course, because the West Coast is like a Third World Country compared to the Metropolis of New York, we get the tape-delayed interview session. But the concert’s still there, on the big screen with the big surround sound.

Ever since I was stuck in 49ers postgame traffic a few years ago, I’ve wanted to sing along with my friends at the top of my lungs to “Livin’ on a Prayer.” In the carbon monoxide haze of Candlestick’s luxurious parking facility, with no end in sight to the sea of vehicles looking to exit, my friend put on Mr. Jovi’s greatest hits and cranked the Bose stereo system in his truck, windows down. I’m sure it could be heard for at least a mile, because I couldn’t hear anything else, not even my own screaming for him to turn it down.

I slunk down in my seat, scared to death of furrowed brows and tisk-tisk head shakes. Looking back, I wish I would have just gone with it, sung along, and been “that guy.” You know, “that guy” who has fun doing what he loves without regard to how uncool it might seem? “That guy” who does what feels good even if it means embarrassing himself so much that others around him cringe? Or “that guy” who lives in the moment so hard he forgets the social norms and belts out power ballads at maximum volume in a crowded parking lot?

This is your chance to be “that guy.” Bon Jovi is “that guy” all the time, and look where it’s gotten him. He even has a steel horse! The movie plays at San Rafael Regency 6 and Sausalito Cinearts Marin 3 tonight at 8.

You Give Publicity A Bad Name

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This is so ridiculous I’m amazed that I even feel like pointing it out, but despite what you’ll read in just about every corner of the Internet media, no one is actually selling tickets to Bon Jovi’s Central Park concert for $1500.

In case you haven’t heard: 60,000 tickets were distributed free by the city of New York, and the media is having a field day over the fact that one person and one person only posted a Buy It Now listing priced at $1500 for a pair of tickets on eBay.

This does not mean that tickets are “selling” for $1500. All it means is there’s some total schmoe online hoping to dupe someone into paying hella more for something than it’s worth, and I’m sorry to say, but that happens every single day. Good job, Bon Jovi’s publicist!

(A 10-second check of completed eBay listings shows that Bon Jovi tickets are actually selling for about $10 to $20 a pop.)

I, myself, am more inflamed over the increasing prominence of StubHub. They’ve even got TV commercials now.

Here it is, folks: the age is upon us when everyone’s a scalper, none of the concerts you want to see have available face value tickets, and StubHub takes a 25-percent cut of all tickets sold for two, three, five times the face value.

In 38 states, it’s still illegal to sell tickets on the sidewalk outside of a concert, but StubHub, which is owned by eBay, is posting huge profits year after year.

Giving money to a guy on the street: Bad!  Giving money to an $8 billion company traded on NASDAQ: Good!