Live Review: Jane’s Addiction in Reno

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It is becoming a decompression tradition to see Jane’s Addiction play Reno after Burning Man. Promoter Fresh Bakin’ has a talent for timing awesome parties. Last year, the band performed a sold out show following the ‘Burn’ and people were dressed to the nines in costumes still dusty from the Playa. This year, the show happened a week later so fewer Burners were still in town. And while a scant few could be picked out of the crowd, the sensation of settling back into the world was already in full effect.

Photo by Anthony Postman

Inside the glitz and glam of the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, the Grand Theater is one of the largest showroom stages in the world. Tiered half-moon booths are lined with faux leather and floral upholstery and giant crystal chandeliers hang from 30 foot ceilings. With about ¾ of the venue filled, the venue was far from small but felt relatively intimate.

Photo by Anthony Postman

The band came on just before 10pm, opening with “Underground”, “Mountain Song” and “Just Because” before frontman Perry Farrell finally addressed the crowd. “You remember? Because I do! We were here the same exact time last year. I remember you!” He was dress in floral print and tuxedo pants that fell just above the ankles. It’s become a signature look for him, exposing a super tight washboard stomach. Farrell looks way healthier now than he did 20 years ago.

Photo by Anthony Postman

Guitarist Dave Navarro was shirtless as always, his skinny jeans fitting perfectly over combat boots, and a silver ankh hanging around his neck. His black eyeliner applied with more care than all the girls in the crowd combined. Wonder if his pagan skills are up to par. Clenching a burning cigarette in his mouth, the former Red Hot Chili Pepper member, gave only one solo on “Three Days”.

Photo by Anthony Postman

Photo by Anthony Postman

After playing “Superhero,” the crowd opened up to a mini mosh pit before being shut down by security during “Been Caught Stealing.” Farrell said they had just arrived that morning from Portland: “Went down to the pool and it had a bunch of oil slick on it from those cats from Burning Man. I guess I thought I’d find a soul mate.” The backline started with the band’s newest single “Soul Mate,” while the music video played on two giant LED screens on stage.

He then went into some rant about fucking and watching football, naming off teams that were playing before he finally switched off the television to focus on, well, fucking.

Photo by Anthony Postman

After the show, someone said Farrell had lost some of that ethereal voice he was so famous for, but I thought he was fierce on Ritual de lo Habitual‘s”Ain’t No Right.” At this point, the band’s accompanying dancers had climbed down off swings hanging from the ceiling to perform a baton number on the risers. The sound went from rock to heady and atmospheric  on “Three Days.” – it lasted a good ten minutes with drum breakdowns from Stephan Perkins and a huge arena-rock interlude from Dave Navarro. They ended with the requisite, semi-acoustic “Jane’s Says.” Perkins took to the steel drums and bongos, with Navarro, on acoustic, sitting in a velvet lounge chair. Upon breaking a string, he dashed his first guitar abruptly to the ground.  His stagehand handed him another before the crowd even noticed what happened.

Photo by Anthony Postman

Mountain Song
Just Because
Been Caught Stealing
Soul Mate
Ain’t No Right
Three Days
Ocean Size
Summertime Rolls
Encore: Jane Says



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