Callie Watts, Straight-Up Kicking Ass With Frobeck

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You probably know Callie Watts as a waitress at Mac’s Deli in downtown Santa Rosa, slinging hashbrowns and pastrami sandwiches by day. The lucky ones have known her as a total dynamo on the mic by night, a powerhouse vocalist with deep roots in soul and R&B. (True story: Once, while at a booth at Mac’s, I happened to sing the namesake chorus to Tower of Power’s “Don’t Change Horses,” and Callie, nearby, picked right up and belted out “…in the middle of the stream! / giddy-up! / giddy-up!”—and danced off, plates in hand, into the kitchen.)

Callie’s sung with almost as many bands as she’s served omelets over the years, but man, has she ever found her groove with the great local band Frobeck, who’ve just released a new album, 624. The album features the regular band—Spencer Burrows, Kris Dilbeck, Steve Froberg, and Jonathan Lazarus—plus the “Frobeck Horn Stars” and, in an awesomely appropriate guest spot, Bill Champlin.

‘Course, Callie’s on there too. Here’s video of a Callie Watts spotlight from Frobeck’s record-release show last night at Hopmonk, and though the footage is shaky, the performance is solid as hell:

Catch Frobeck at a stage near you, and check out 624 here.


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  1. Cory
    August 27, 2012

    Here is a better video of Callie and Frobeck doing that song, although it is from last year.


    Its from Frobeck’s Youtube page.

  2. Sistar Jane Sorensen
    August 28, 2012

    YOWZA!! Nothin’ but raw talent on the rise!!

  3. Spencer B
    August 28, 2012

    That girl can sing!!


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