Live Review: Gil Scott-Heron at Yoshi's

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It had to happen. Not five seconds after a smiling, lanky Gil Scott-Heron ambled onto the stage at Yoshi’s last night, someone shouted for “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”

Scott-Heron, rail-thin and in a too-big jacket and flat cap, ignored the request. But he also completely ignored his acclaimed comeback album, I’m New Here—indeed, he played nothing from it. Instead, the singer, poet and musician delivered a joyous set of classic older material, providing a treat for longtime fans and a nearly two-hour introduction for newcomers who just heard about him last month on NPR.

“This has been a very eventful week,” Scott-Heron said, opening the show. “We been reading stuff about us we never knew. You get to have another life when you’re an artist like me—the one you live and the one they write about. I read, for example, that I had disappeared. I thought about adding that to my live act. You come to see me, and poof! I’m gone.”

To understate, Scott-Heron possesses a gift of gab. After 15 minutes of patter about dwarfs, encyclopedias, Winston Churchill, Black History Month, the radio, the news and his home state of Tennessee—all of which might seem self-obliging if not for his sharp, acerbic wit—Scott-Heron finally sat down at his Fender Rhodes and nestled his well-worn throat into “Blue Collar,” as autobiographical a song as any for the legend who’s recently spent time in prison for cocaine charges:

I been down in New York City, that ain’t no place to be down
I been been lookin’ at the faces of children, you see we’re lookin’ for higher ground

You can’t name where I ain’t been down
‘Cause there ain’t no place I ain’t been down

There is gravity in Scott-Heron’s voice—the kind of voice they don’t make anymore. It’s in shockingly fine form, a low bass, rich and full of purpose, flowering at the end of lines into breathy vowels. Take “Pieces of a Man,” for example: a song Scott-Heron’s sung countless times, and still a searing pain overtook it last night, as if he were experiencing the subject for the first time.

This is the most valuable aspect of Scott-Heron’s newfound rebirth. Unlike others who’ve fallen from grace and bestow the world with rote, financially-rewarding tours, Scott-Heron is a true original who appears incapable of going through the motions. Seated at his keyboard, head thrown back to the ceiling, he spent the set running through a catalog full of emotional intensity to a sold-out crowd.

Yes, it would have been better with a fuller band. And yes, some long vamps went on past their bedtime. But an energized Scott-Heron also fought the house lights and came back for an encore while even more patrons waited, lined up out the doors for the late show, clutching LP copies of Midnight Band. Waiting to be close to a legend. Wondering how the show would be. Wondering if Scott-Heron truly had come back.

The answer is yes. May his reemergence last.

Some quips:

“CNN: the only network that can give you an expert on something that never happened before. How long those experts been waitin’? Where do they find ‘em?”

“I used to live on Geary and Van Ness. And I left one step ahead of the eviction people.”

“I’m from Tennessee. You know, the state that looks like two arrows on each end—pointing the hell away from Tennessee.”

“I found out not too long ago that I had been sampled. When your song’s been sampled, you’re encouraged to go home to check on the original. Make sure it’s still in good shape.”

“I’m in my role as a bluesologist. For those of you looking for a job, just put “-ology” at the end of what you like to do and open up an office.”

“You may not enjoy me now, but I still insist that you enjoy yourself. Because you gonna be with yourself for the rest of your life.”

Set List:

Blue Collar
Winter in America
We Almost Lost Detroit
Work for Peace
Is That Jazz
Pieces of a Man
Your Daddy Loves You
Three Miles Down
The Bottle
Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate

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  1. sara
    March 18, 2010

    “You may not enjoy me now, but I still insist that you enjoy yourself. Because you gonna be with yourself for the rest of your life.”

    I want this to be my motto.


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